Each event is planned to bring the best and most memorable experience to each participant. What some feel is only a dream, we strive to make a reality.

Super Hunts

Each hunt is organized and prepared for months in advance. Christians in Camo is able to take those with special needs, terminal illness, and those with disadvantages on dream hunts at no cost to the participant and their families. We make the impossible, possible.

Dove Hunts

Our group excursions allow a variety of friends and family members to participate in hunts that they may otherwise never experience. We follow and adhere to the highest of firearm safety measures whiles teaching the same to youth and their families. 

Field Trials

Annual Field Trials are held in the springtime. These field trials allow us to raise money that can be used for events throughout the year. This event is also where we connect to our community to help spread the Gospel of the Lord.